I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing....and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (Genesis 12:2,3).

             Jerrickson Daniel was born to missionary parents, Rev.Ajex Palvannan and Mrs.Vijayarani Ajex. Having born to full-time missionaries, Jerrickson Daniel had a good Christian upbringing, attending sunday schools and Christian rallies almost every weekend. Even during his childhood days, Jerrickson used to play keyboard in Church as an act of worship to the Lord.

             Though born to missionary parents, virtually living in church all the time, Jerrickson still lacked the closest relationship with His Savior. His mother, Mrs. Vijayarani Ajex received many confirmations from the Lord about her son that "he is not an ordinary boy; he is a special boy". Also, God spoke to his mother through visions and dreams showing her son preaching infront of millions of people and through his dad that he is a boy of deep conviction

God's calling upon Jerrickson's life
            The Lord called and anointed Jerrickson in His own special way on the 15th of March 1992 when his dad laid his hands upon Jerrickson in a family prayer time.  At that very instant, God filled Jerrickson with His Holy Spirit and gave him the gift of speaking in the heavenly language. It sure was a heavenly experience and life hasn't been the same for Jerrickson since then, but has been better ever since. Having been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, Jerrickson earnestly began to pray and learn the Word of God,which taught him the need to be immersed in water as a sign of burial to the older man and to be born as a newer man in Lord Jesus Christ. He made the decision to take baptism by water which he did gloriously on the 17th of July 1997. Throughout His youth, Jerrickson has been helping his parents in the work of the Lord. Through out his teen years, the calling of the Lord had been burning in the life of Jerrickson. When he finished high school, God opened a door for him to study Missions in a Bible College in New Zealand. During his full-time study in New Zealand, Jerrickson involved himself in starting a small group with 6 people which later grew to many. Also, during then, God opened a door for him to be involved with a worship team by singing as well as playing the keyboard in church. Doing all these things for the Lord, Jerrickson manifested the original calling which God had placed upon his life, by being a blessing to many. After his stay in New Zealand, Jerrickson returned back to India, to work full-time with his Dad among the unreached people groups of India. His passion is to let people know about the love of Jesus Christ through his messages, through music,through Counseling and through his life. Presently, Jerrickson lives with his family in California,USA where he has pioneered a church for the Indian community. Truly the calling of the Lord is on Jerrickson's life. He really is an instrument being tuned to play beautifully in His Master's hands.

         Jerrickson is happily married to Gladys, a Master's in Engineering graduate, who has chosen to use all her talents and skills to build the kingdom of God. A truly virtuous wife(Prov 31:10), Gladys stands by her husband's side come what may, for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gladys and Jerrickson are blessed with a baby boy named Jefferson Haniel whom they have dedicated for the work of the Lord. Jerrickson has a younger sister named Joanna Darlene whom he loves dearly. Joanna learns medicine in Moscow,Russia training herself to be a Medical missionary to serve the needy in India.

May God bless you.